GNOME Do 0.8.1 Released

March 13, 2009

Announcing GNOME Do 0.8.1

It has been about a month since our last release and its time to follow up on all those bug reports and close them all.  Tarballs are available for both core and plugins. Please note that while 0.8.0 plugins will work with 0.8.1, it is strongly suggested that you upgrade to get the best experience, especially for Docky users. Some quick statistics.

  • 2 New plugins
  • 38 Bugs fixed
  • 8 New Translations

Additionally Docky has recieved a major overhaul based on all the feedback from the 0.8.0 release.  Here is what it looks like now!

Docky has received a minor visual refresh

Docky has received a minor visual refresh, and a clock!

Visible Changes:

  • Docky’s right click menu is now more compact and beautiful thanks to Kalle, our awesome artist
  • Zoom is visibly smoother and does not “wiggle” as much as it used to
  • Zoom is slightly wider to give a smooth appearance
  • Dock separator is sleeker and less obtrusive
  • Glow dot color changes to match your gtk theme

Functionality Changes:

  • Docky no longer differentiates window items from launchers in any manner.  They are all merged together.  Items can be pinned to the dock simply by dragging them to the left of the other transient launchers, making them permenant fixtures on the dock.  It’s never been easier to add running items to your dock.
  • Launcher matching is now much more robust with only prism and open office being the known remaining issues with it.  Hundreds of linux applications have been tested and confirmed to work.  As more testing comes in this will become even more robust.
  • Right click menus no longer have a remove from dock option, use drag off to do this.
  • Cannot drag off items that have running windows attached to them as this presents a conflict of ideas.
  • There is a clock!  And if you click it… something magical happens.

And last but not least, the magic…

Rock out with your clock out

Rock out with your clock out



  1. Fan-frickin-tastic. Seems like a great release. I have some questions but I’ll ask them on the Gnome Do list.

  2. Looks nice, Do has really become the center of my desktop. I was especially stunned by the possibilities that come with the Search Plugin with OpenSearch, that lets you use basically any web service through Do. (My tutorial is here..)

  3. […] There are a couple of visible and functional changes to docky and many bug fixes. Please step by Jason’s blog and the release note for details of this […]

  4. Great work, as always Jason! One little bit: We actually have 3 new plugins (youtube, emesene, and request tracker) and 29 plugins bugs were fixed.

  5. What is the desktop background you are using in the screenshot?

  6. […] Fuente | Jassmith […]

  7. Just curious, but is a 64-bit binary still going to be made available for us amd64 folks? I’d really like to try this out. Waiting patiently… 🙂

  8. Nevermind 🙂 Alex pointed me here: https://launchpad.net/do/0.8/0.8.1

  9. […] The guys that develop GNOME Do have done a sterling job on this release so go and check out the full feature list and grab your copy now! Posted by Tom Jowitt Firefox, Linux, Open Source Subscribe to RSS […]

  10. Why are the preferences of Gnome-Do is some really wierd garbled foreign langauge? I can’t understand any of it.

  11. There need to be some connection with compiz. so that there is a preview for minimized windows in th edock itself and when the windows are maximized they should be displayed(other windows should become transparent). if there are multiple windows ,then scrolling should reveal the other windows.

  12. I’m just so happy 🙂 this is like everything I’ve ever wanted in a launcher/doer come true! using on Jaunty 9.04, also where do we send donations! update the wiki maaan! XD

  13. What is the wallpaper?

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