March 30, 2009

Fine, have it your way…  GNOME Do will sport a straight GTK+ panel applet interface for the next release. Do you feel better now? Now GNOME Do can be as boring as you are.

edit – I have been asked to provide a small bit of rationality for this.  The reasoning is quite simple.  GNOME has a long history of having issues with applications that dont follow the HIG or do not look like other GTK apps.  Even if they look better. We can kill two birds with one stone by doing this and maybe go up for inclusion in GNOME.



  1. Can you tell us what is the real clear benefit of that switch?

  2. Jason, can you run this by me please?

  3. But the good looking interface will still be a choice, right?

  4. Are you saying that the default interface will just be an applet? I mean, all the other interfaces will still be maintained and usable, right?

    • it will be an extra plugin that simply extends what do already has. Dont think I would abandon the existing interfaces

  5. “Extend” sounds so… positive ;-).

  6. GNOME DO is a killer app! Thanks for making linux usable!

  7. Could you pls fix Docky, so that it stops jiggling my icons around.

    I mean the app-indicators. Sometimes I want to click the Firefox icon, but when I press the mouse, the Gedit icon is underneath and the FF icon moved to the left.

    Having static places for the icons (like OS X dock) would be awesome.

    Thanks !

  8. and this is an april’s day joke, right?

  9. I think that the new docky is fantastic, I’ve never seen something smart like the “intellihide”.
    But this is an opportunity for making gnome-do a default part of gnome.. and for giving it a primary role in the gnome desktop.

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